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Stock staples as well as special treats

Milk, eggs, cheese - these are the items that bring customers into your store day after day. Along the way they're likely to pick up treats like ice cream or frozen yogurt. Great Lakes Foods helps you satisfy shoppers with our dairy/milk and ice cream/frozen programs.

Great Lakes Foods stays abreast of ever-changing trends and consumer demands by offering new and innovative products from our manufacturing partners."

Jay Lamoureux, Frozen Buyer

Complete lines

Offer the national brands consumers trust, as well as favored private labels like Shurfresh. We offer full lines of milk, eggs and cheese, as well as ice cream and frozen novelties.

Brands in Demand

Dairy/Milk/Fresh Juice

  • Azteca shells
  • Baker's string cheese
  • Bay muffins
  • Chobani
  • Coffee Mate
  • Crystal Farms
  • Dannon
  • Dean Foods/Morning Glory milk
  • Dutch Farms cheese and eggs
  • Florida Gold
  • Florida Nautural
  • Kraft Cheese
  • Minute Maid
  • Pillsbury Dough Products
  • RP's fresh pasta
  • Sargento cheese
  • Shamrock Farms
  • Shurfresh dairy
  • Simply Orange
  • Simply Potatoes
  • Sunny Delight
  • Swiss Miss
  • Yoplait

Ice Cream/Frozen

  • Aunt Jamima
  • Bagels Forever
  • Banquet
  • Birdseye
  • Blue Bunny
  • Campione Garlic Bread
  • Coloma Fruit
  • Deans Ice Cream
  • Eggo
  • Farm Rich
  • Fresh Frozen
  • Freshlike Vegetables
  • Green Giant Vegetables
  • Healthy Choice
  • InnovAsian Oriental
  • Kemps
  • Kraft Cool Whip
  • Marie Callender
  • Morning Star Farms
  • Nestle - Stouffers, Hot Pockets, Lean Cuisine
  • Old Orchard
  • Ore Ida
  • Pillsbury Toaster Strudels
  • Rhodes Bake & Serve
  • Rich Whip
  • Rosetto Pasta
  • Sara Lee
  • Sea Pak Snacks
  • Shurfresh
  • Superior Ice
  • Swanson Dinners
  • Totino
  • TJ Farms
  • Tyson - Nuggets and Strips
  • West Pac frozen products

We are prepared for changing consumer preferences with options like non-dairy milk.

Freshness and quality

Great Lakes Foods is committed to providing you the freshest, highest quality products available.