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Combine convenience and choice to grow sales

Give your customers an appetizing alternative to fast food with a fully stocked deli. Great Lakes Foods makes it easy with a full range of products that appeal to the hungry customer.

Be sure to ask about our seasonal items. You can also add special items for community events."

Katy Wickstrom, Deli Manager

National and local brands

Choose from a huge selection in every department, with national and regional brands in salads, soups, meats, cheeses, appetizers and entrees.

Brands in Demand

  • Abbyland Deli Meats
  • Appetizers - onion rings, egg rolls, mozarella sticks, fried green beans, sweet potato fries and much more
  • BrakeBush
  • Butterball Deli Meats
  • Cady Creek Farms cheeses
  • Chester Fried chicken
  • Crescent Valley cheeses
  • Farmland Deli Chips
  • Gold'n Plump whole rotisserie and 8-piece cut-up chicken
  • Hometown Bagel Chips
  • Hormel slicing meats
  • Klement's sausages
  • Kretschmar sliced meats
  • Lamb Weston Products
  • McCain Fresh Potato Chip Program
  • MPI Meats
  • Mrs. Gerry's salads
  • Nylund Pasties
  • Patrick Cudahy Deli Meats
  • Springside Cheese Curds
  • Stouffer's entrees
  • Tyson Chicken Wings

Deli Express Sandwiches

Offer a convenient alternative to in-store sandwiches.

Customized pizza and soup programs

Help customers get food on the run with our own Grab 'n' Go Pizza and appetizing Soup Supreme programs.

Deli Condiments Program

We have a complete single serve condiment program for your deli that includes salt, pepper, ketchup, mustard dressings, relishes, and sauces.

Deli Consultations

Bring Great Lakes Foods specialists onsite to help you set up your deli, deciding what to carry and how to organize each section. We can also bring in vendors to provide technical support for specific product lines.