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Product Support

The Great Lakes Support center provides ongoing  product support for your departments. We help in the development of your center store, bakery, deli and meat operations.  While you're busy working in your departments, we are busy working on new ways to display, merchandise and win customers.
Center Store:  GLF will guide you designing a pricing zone that will  help your store be competitive and reach its full profit potential.
Bakery:  GLF will give you newest and greatest trends from a "scratch bakery" to a "thaw and sell" program.
Deli:  GLF will assist you in merchandising the base products from the hot deli items to the cold cut meats. We have a terrific Gold N' Plump rotisserie and Chesterfried deli chicken program.
Fresh Meats:  GLF will help you build a profitable meat program from merchandising to food safety to our Signature Meat Market program. We help you build your reputation for quality by using product from premium meat vendors such as USDA Choice Star Ranch Angus.