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Retail Support

"Retailers can call us day or night, weekdays or weekends, and know that you'll get a fast response. We're down-to-earth people who care about our retailers. Bottom line, we succeed when you do."

-Tom Jushka - President

Smart pricing/ Increase profitability

Simplify selling with our flexible pricing structure. We offer zone pricing with 13 zones, as well as custom programs that let you make the right pricing decisions.

Central Billing Program/ Simplify paper work

Streamline financial management by having vendors bill through Great Lakes Foods, even when we don't make the delivery. Central billing is available for items throughout the store, from milk and bread to greeting cards.

Retail counseling/ Sharing knowledge and experience

Work with our specialists to develop programs that increase traffic, sales and loyalty. You benefit from our years of experience serving independent grocers.

Store Development/ We can help you move to the next level

Draw on our expertise in store layout and design to maximize profitability. We can help you revamp, reset, remodel or build new.

Equipment purchasing and vendor referrals/ Make informed decisions

Have our team recommend and, if you choose, handle purchasing for all store equipment, from registers to refrigeration units. We can also connect you to preferred vendors for every area of your business, including insurance and accounting.

Financial reviews/ Helpful perspectives on your numbers

Meet with our retail professionals to compare your operating expenses against industry standards, including data from the Food Marketing Institute. We help you determine your breakeven point and identify strategies to achieve it.

Store supplies/ Take advantage of Group Buying to save money

Basic store and janitorial supplies are handled in-house, along with a complete cross-dock program with Bunzl USA.

And more!

  • Damage reclamation
  • Coupon clearing
  • Advertising
  • Vendor support
Whatever you need, Great Lakes Foods provides. We deliver more than groceries; you have our word that we'll do what it takes to help your business thrive.

Tom Jushka- President